Choose a Delivery plan for Your Business



Per Delivery


$6.00 per delivery

up to 50

Deliveries Per month


$5.50 per delivery

up to 200

Deliveries Per month

includes standard marketing of your brand and product


$5.00 per delivery

up to 500

deliveries Per Month

+ standard marketing of your brand and product

Got more than 500 deliveries a month? Talk to us about our Enterprise plan.  Hit the button below or email us at info@goflyy.com.

More Sales. More Visibility. Happier Customers.

Work With Us

We want you part of the Flyy community, because we understand how important it is to keep your brand fresh and innovative.  With our 3 hour same-delivery and return service, your customers can experience a new way to shop with you and still get that instant gratification.

Grow Your Business

We don’t just handle logistics. We make sure that your customer base is growing. You’ll be part of a marketplace and have the opportunity to gain new customers.  Our marketing efforts including social media, email campaigns, and content marketing will be the boost you need to be visible.

We Support You

Our customer service team is ready to step in to give you support when it comes to same-day delivery requests. We’ll handle everything from notifying customers on the arrival of their items to managing returns and exchanges.

Where Do We Deliver?

Los Angeles and NYC

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