5 Easy Sustainable Swaps to Incorporate into Your Beauty Routine

Every year on April 22nd the world celebrates Earth Day, a day to care for, appreciate, and promote protecting the planet we live on. Many planet protection-related organizations celebrate leading up to Earth Day as an “Earth Month” because sustainability should be practiced for more than a day. Over the past few years, there has been a rise in more people eating plant-based diets, shopping second-hand, and buying reusable replacements for disposable single-use items. The majority of these practices are easy enough to incorporate into one’s everyday life and can make a meaningful impact on the amount of waste and carbon emissions that get put into our environment. Living more sustainably has become a trend, and hopefully, one that does not die off. 

The kickoff of this trend began back in 2019 with the worldwide climate strikes and introducing the conversation of The Green New Deal. That same year Greta Thunberg rose in recognition as a young environmental activist who challenged world leaders to take action on climate change. Not to mention in 2019 The Amazon Rainforest caught fire, making the climate crisis hard to ignore. Moving forward, the climate crisis and the Green New Deal were vital parts of the 2020 Presidential Election debates showing its importance to people today.

As sustainable practices become more important and common many people want to be a part of the change but don’t quite know where to start. 

Here are 5 easy sustainable swaps to implement into your beauty routine that will make your everyday life greener.

The Original MakeUp Eraser - The Original MakeUp Eraser® Makeup Remover Cloth Pink 15.5 in x 7.25 in

The Makeup Eraser – $20.00

The Makeup Eraser is a washable makeup removing towel. All you need to do is wet it and scrub your makeup off. Once it is all dirty you can easily wash it to clean it and use it again! This product is more effective than your go-to makeup wipes, removing your makeup faster and better. You will also save money by not having to buy single-use wipes which can be expensive and you are keeping single-use makeup wipes out of landfills. This purchase is a no-brainer! 

Our well-known routine of throwing out large plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles is no longer with this brand. HiBar makes salon-quality shampoo and conditioner bars packaged in compostable packaging. This is an easy zero-waste solution to the plastic bottles in your shower you thought you couldn’t get away from. 

The plastic toothbrushes you have been using your whole life have been sitting in a landfill since you have said goodbye to them. Yup- they are still there. Bamboo toothbrushes are 100% biodegradable so they won’t stay in our landfills and they are priced equally to their plastic alternative. There is really no reason to not make this swap. 

Toner is a daily part of your routine, so a cotton round is necessary! However, cotton rounds, like many other single-use items, do not biodegrade. This Target swap is easy and will save you money. These reusable cotton rounds come in a neat washing bag for easy cleaning– just throw it in your laundry! Another no-waste no-brainer. 

Did you know that the artificial beads in your physical exfoliants often end up in our oceans? An easy way to help our oceans is to use chemical exfoliants to keep your skin smooth instead, and luckily, there are so many amazing options! 

Practicing sustainability shouldn’t be something we do just one day of the year. With these 5 everyday product swaps that you can easily incorporate into your daily beauty routine, you can help save the planet without even thinking about it. 

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