Why is Everyone Renting their Clothes?

Millennials and Gen Zers have been shaking up the world by challenging traditions and questioning the values their elders always knew to be the most important aspects of their lives. One of those biggest differences in values has to do with the ideology of access over ownership that the younger generations tend to lean toward.

The value of access to goods instead of owning goods is one of the prominent differences between these generations. From cars to cable, 18-35 year-olds are more likely to pay subscription fees to have access to goods and services when compared to their elder counterparts. However, with the sharing economy and essentials like Uber and Air-BnB people of all ages are joining in on this new way to consume. 

 Currently at the forefront of the sharing economy is the rise of rental fashion. Rental fashion is affordable and sustainable, which are benefits that today’s younger consumer is geared towards. How often do we buy something and wear it once, or not at all? When this happens we are both causing fashion brands to overproduce product which hurt the planet in the long run and we are hurting our own wallets with wasted purchases. Renting clothes allows you to keep what you love, and send back what you’re done with so it can be re-loved over and over!

Fashion rental companies have been around for about a decade now and started off with a focus on renting special occasion garments, but they weren’t quite receiving as much hype then as they do today. Now, clothing rental subscriptions like Rent the Runway, Le Tote, and Armoire specialize in everyday wear for both work and play. They cater to stylish on-the-go women who like to keep up to date with trends but are too busy with their lives to shop. A product like this also caters to the conscious consumer who still loves fashion or the fashionista on a budget. There are so many reasons to love clothing rental!

As mentioned, fashion rental services are the newest trend of the sharing economy, and the sharing economy would not be where it is today without today’s tech advancements. Fashion rental sites like Armoire use an algorithm method to get to know their customers the more they order, keep, and return. This data collection allows for each Armoire “case” to get more and more individualized to the customer each time.

So let’s recap: clothing rental services are better for the planet, better for your wallet, and are becoming more and more personalized with services like Armoire’s use of advanced technologies. Renting clothes helps you to maintain your busy lifestyle while still looking stylish with no worries, and contributes to the advancing and ever beneficial sharing economy.

What’s not to love?

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