Black-Owned Skincare Brands on a Mission for Equity.

Black Girl Sunscreen

By now, with skincare education on the rise, everyone is hyper aware of the importance of wearing sunscreen every day. There are so many benefits to wearing sunscreen every day, from preventing signs of aging to the health aspects like protecting yourself from the harmful rays that cause melanoma and skin cancer.

Due to the structural and institutional racism that makes its way into our healthcare systems, BIPOC are more likely to be diagnosed for skin cancer later on than their white counterparts and tend to have a lower survival rate. 

With this knowledge, Black Girl Sunscreen wanted to create a product that would encourage those with deeper skin tones to wear sunscreen… “BGS took the #1 reason Black women weren’t wearing sunscreen and solved it in a way that connected with them specifically.” (blackgirlsunscreen.com)

Black Girl Sunscreen incorporates nourishing ingredients, and their products leave no white residue, important factors for a large group of people that like in most other areas, have been overlooked. 

Products include the original Black Girl Sunscreen for face and body, as well as their BGS Kids, and Make it Matte, which has all the benefits of their original formula while leaving a matte finish. 

Pholk Beauty


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From greenwashing to insanely high price points, and lack of direction in terms of what products are right for you, natural skincare can be extremely difficult to navigate. 

“As a woman of color, I found myself often frustrated – and a little defensive – that even in the age of inclusive beauty many natural brands did not address my specific concerns of dark spots, oily/combination skin, and ingrown hairs,” says founder of Pholk Beauty, who created this brand in order for people like herself to be able to navigate more clearly, and feel their needs being met. 

Upon navigating through the Pholk website, you are directed to a skincare quiz, which matches you with products just for your skin concerns, so you can skip the guessing.

Pholk carries a wide range of affordable products from cleansers to masks, serums, and more, and their wide range of sets make the perfect gift for any skincare lover in your life. 

Ayele & Co.


It is often so difficult to find skincare that feels like it is made just for you. With inclusivity as its top priority, Ayele & Co. looks to cater to every kind of person and all of their skin concerns. This brand is especially popular amongst those with acne prone skin, who often feel defeated when searching for products. This, however, is not the feeling you get on the Ayele & Co. site that is extremely transparent about their products, what’s in it, and what they will do. This black-owned brand strives to educate people on skincare, no matter who they are. 

“When it comes to the skin, ignorance isn’t actually bliss. Understanding your skin is super important; it isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation!”

The easy-to-navigate site allows you to shop by skin concern, so you’re immediately looking at products that are meant for you instead of having to research those ingredients you know nothing about. 

Their rise in popularity came from their Sunflower Sweets Serum, made to battle acne and texture. After one look at the before and after shots, you will want to purchase immediately (and the price won’t have you running in the other direction).

Everyone who wants to feel confident in their skin should have access to the products that will allow it, and that is a top priority for Ayele & Co. 

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