Flyy Founders: Meet Therese Clark of Lady Suite Beauty

We’re so excited to kick-off our Flyy Founders series. We’ll share the stories of founders that are breaking the mold, making a difference and showing up in the fashion and beauty space.

First up! Therese Clark of Lady Suite Beauty, which is also a retail partner with GoFlyy. We are so lucky to be working with this badass boss lady. She shared some really great advice that she’s learned about along her journey. We know you will appreciate it.

Therese Clark, founder of Lady Beauty Suite.

GoFlyy: Why did you start your business? Who do you serve?

Therese Clark: To better address the underserved needs of women in beauty and wellness, including vulva care in a way that is more accessible and approachable. I went through my own health struggles and realized there is a lot of crap out there we put in and on our bodies. I wanted to create a brand that elevated conventional standards with “clean” self-care solutions that just didn’t exist. We serve women/those who identify as women.

GoFlyy: What job or role did you work before launching your company (if any)?

TC: Beauty brand and product developer. I also co-founded the first probiotic skincare company in the medical channel.

GoFlyy: What do you love about “going” to work each day?

TC: I love helping women feel better. I appreciate being part of the change to undo tired taboos that separate women from the knowledge we need to “own” our health and wellness.

GoFlyy: Most entrepreneurs/business owners have experienced a defining moment that has challenged them. What has been your moment? What did you learn?

TC: Starting my first skincare line, I gave my power away to an investor who became the controlling partner. Eventually, our interactions became abusive and I felt powerless, uninspired, fearful, and eventually lost my identity. After that, I did a lot of work on my self-worth and got smarter on the business side of starting a business. I’m a creative by nature so it was really easy to overlook the details in important documents like contracts/take the time to really understand what I was signing. I don’t do that anymore! It’s also REALLY important to me to create a culture that empowers and inspires, and doesn’t instill fear via old patriarchal systems that don’t support all women.

GoFlyy: What advice would you offer to new entrepreneurs that would have made your journey easier?

TC: Surround yourself with smarter people who are also passionate about helping you succeed, i.e. a good mentor. It’s easy to keep things to yourself and not share how your feeling or navigate a difficult decision on your own. I would have failed faster had I shared what was really going on. I kept it to myself for too long out of fear of judgment.

GoFlyy: What’s the one fashion item or beauty product you can’t live without?

TC: I used to say lip gloss but then COVID-19 masks wipe off all the gloss… Shameless but real plug, I can’t live without our Rejuvenating Botanical Oil. It’s my go-to oil for everything. For fashion, anything with elastic 🙂

GoFlyy: Describe your style in 3 words

TC: Casual boho chic? I guess that’s what it is in my head but I’m not sure. If I’m being really honest, it’s basically Lululemon leggings, a worn t-shirt, and house slippers.

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