DIY Facial Serum for Glowing Skin

Including a hydrating facial serum in your skincare regimen is one of the best and easiest things you can do to truly care for your skin. After washing and cleansing, a serum helps not only to lock in moisture, but also protect, soothe, clarify and rejuvenate skin. Facial oils are full of the good stuff, are usually a blend of plant-based carrier oils and essential oils for added benefits that contain no added water. They quickly absorb into skin and help balance our skin’s own sebum production. Facial oils are great for all skin types, as long as you choose one with ingredients that match what you’re trying to achieve. Some are better for anti-aging and combating wrinkles or dry skin, while others are tailored more towards breakout-prone or oily skin types. 

There are plenty of expensive facial oils on the market these days, but you don’t need to choose the priciest item in order to harness the power of a great facial oil – because you can make your own!

Luckily, a DIY facial oil is so easy there’s no reason not to have one on hand for whatever skin situation might occur! Today we’re going to make a DIY Facial Serum for Glowing Skin, with a few optional tweaks based on your skin type. Read on for a fun, simple recipe to make your own glowing facial oil, plus some fun ways to spice it up and make it your own!

Gorgeous, Glowing Skin Facial Oil Recipe

The basic recipe for this DIY Glowing Facial Serum is the perfect amount for a 1 oz glass dropper bottle and is best for normal skin types.

  • 1 tbs Lavender and Rose Infused- Jojoba Oil (Carrier Oil)
  • ½ tbs Rosehip Oil (“Bonus” Oil 1)
  • ½ tbs Carrot Seed Oil (“Bonus” Oil 2)

Jojoba Oil is the oil (technically a wax) most similar to our skin’s natural oils and for that reason is great for all skin types. Since Lavender Flowers calm stressed skin and promote healing, they are a wonderful addition to an herbal serum for any skin type. Rose Petals are cleansing and promote moisture retention. They also have stimulating and healing properties and are helpful for fine lines and wrinkles. Carrot Seed oil is rejuvenating, protects from environmental stressors, UV rays, and is balancing for both oily as well as dry skin. Rosehip oil is known as the “anti-aging” oil for its vitamin C and antioxidant content both of which help stimulate the production of collagen. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as improve skin’s moisture levels. 

To Make the Facial Oil:

For the Infused Jojoba oil you will need dried lavender flowers and rose petals to get started. You can make as big or small a batch of this as you would like, depending on how quickly you tend to go through your facial oil. Start by filling a glass jar with your dried botanicals and covering them with oil. A quick oil infusion will be to simmer the oil infusion in a pot of hot (but not boiling) water for a few hours. A longer option is to solar infuse the boticanals into the oil by leaving them in a sunny windowsill for a few days to a few weeks. 

However you choose to do it, when the infusion is finished you will strain out the florals and be left with your infused oil. Take 1 tbs of this oil (save the rest!) and add it to your 1 oz dropper, along with the two “bonus” oils and voila! You’ve got yourself a DIY Glowing Facial oil that you can use both day and night! After cleansing and toning, apply a few drops to clean fingertips and gently massage oil into face.

Just in case you don’t have normal skin, however, here are a few tweaks to make this recipe more friendly to your skin type.

Carrier Oil Swaps:

Grapeseed Oil is a light, easily absorbed oil that is slightly astringent. It works to reduce skin aging, is non-comedogenic & does not aggravate acne. It is especially good for those with oily or sensitive skin.

Avocado Oil is a thick oil that absorbs deeply and works to increase collagen production. It is an oil best suited for dry and sensitive skin types.

Apricot Seed Oil is a good choice for normal to sensitive skin as well those looking for anti-aging properties.

Herbs/Botanicals Swaps

Hibiscus is a natural antioxidant that firms and lifts the skin. The flowers have a high mucilage content that hydrates and moisturizes.

Calendula moisturizes & soothes, helps to heal cuts and wounds, soothes rashes, acne, and sunburn.

Chamomile is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic AND anti inflammatory. It is great for reddened, dry, or inflamed skin.

“Bonus” Oils Swaps:

Tamanu oil has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antibiotic properties. It is restorative and healing, helps scars and great for all skin types.

Seabuckthorn oil contains high levels of Vitamin C, omega-3 oils, antioxidants, B vitamins and beta-carotene, giving the oil the ability to help improve skin elasticity, repair damaged and dry skin, and combat signs of skin aging. It also helps cell turnover by promoting tissue regeneration.

This is an easy facial oil recipe that you can not only make again and again but also tweak depending on the seasons, your skin’s needs, and your personal skincare goals. Whether you’re looking to balance oil production, heal acne scarring, nourish and moisturize, or clarify skin, there is an oil and an herbal infusion that can help! Let us know if you make this oil in the comments below!

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